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          On November 6th 2016, I lost my best friend. Her name was Charly Ann Torikka. She has beautiful bright green eyes, the most loud and infectious laugh, and a heart as pure as gold. She loved working the camera, dressing up with me and running around the backyard taking pictures acting as silly as any 13 year olds could be. This continued as we grew up, driving to any cool spots we could find and crying on the ground laughing at how ridiculous we were. She changed my life in the 9 years I had with her, and for that I will always be so grateful.
           In honor of her memory, I have started The Hunny Project. Named after the nickname she called me and almost every person she met, stranger or not. My goal is to give back in the small way I know I can to those who deserve a break of sunshine in their life.
          For all those who are going through a tough time or are in need of a break of sun, I encourage you to contact me via e-mail and write a short message. At the end of each month I will do a draw and donate a mini photo session to you.



In loving memory of my best friend and sister,  
to celebrate you and all the sunshine you brought into my life. 

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